Any Video to GIF Converter 1.5

Any Video to GIF Converter 1.5

Converts your video files into animated GIFs regardless of the source format
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Any Video to GIF Converter helps you turn your video files into animated GIFs regardless of their source format - a very practical and convenient solution, especially because of the size of GIF files. Thus, it turns out to be particularly useful for Webmasters and for any person who needs to create high-quality animated GIFs. The program includes key video edition features and effects, and it allows you to configure all GIF-related parameters, so that you can get exactly the GIF animations you are looking for.

The program's user interface is designed to be simple and easy to use, even by the novice user. It allows you to select a source video file and play it back, thanks to the built-in full-featured media player. If you are an inexperienced user, you can start the GIF generation process right away by pressing the "Convert to GIF" button. However, you also count with three tabs that you can use you to configure all the necessary parameters and effects, so that you get accurate results.

On the "GIF Settings" tab, you can set the frame rate, the GIF's width and height, select the dither method, loop the GIF animation, and alternate between direct and backwards animation. The "Clip & Crop" tab allows you to define start and end times to select only a portion of the video, as well as the subarea of the video's screen that will be used to generate the GIF animation. Finally, on the "Effects" tab, you may establish the brightness, saturation, contrast and darkness levels, convert the video into grayscale, and include a customized text with a specific font and in a specific position. Once you have set all those parameters, you can proceed to start the conversion process as well.

As a setback, this program downloads and installs third-party software tools without any warning. It installs a tool called "Windows Essentials Media Codec Pack" which implicitly installs FFDshow filters and Media Player Classic, among others. Even though those might turn out to be good and helpful tools, it is never a good idea when an installer installs unauthorized additional tools.

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Ricardo Soria
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  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Includes simple video editing functions
  • Allows you to configure various effects for your resulting GIF files
  • Allows you to tweak all GIF-related parameters to get accurate results


  • Does not support batch conversion
  • Downloads and installs third-party software tools without warning


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